Project – VehiDome

With this project we can now proudly unveil the next step in automotive testing.

Affordable unlimited indoor testing
SIS Sweden, in collaboration with Norwegian company Scandihall, has developed a brand-new method for production of land-based climate halls for vehicle testing. The new patent pending method, based on using flexible material with over pressure creating an indoor dome, offers unlimited Indoor Winter/Summer Climate Testing – as well as substantial technical and economic advantages. The method/concept is called VehiDome.


  • No more size limitations
  • No more safety issues with supporting poles
  • No more safety issues with surrounding walls
  • No more economical obstacles
  • No more limitations in design of climate halls

VehiDome in short

  • Offering the largest Indoor climate proving grounds
  • High-speed indoor testing
  • Large indoor area with no obstacles
  • Unique indoor proving ground for all test programs
  • Unbeatable repeatability
  • Perfect High My/Low My conditions every day
  • Cold climate testing anywhere in the world
  • Automotive testing at your doorstep
  • Cost effective
  • New unique Scandinavian technology
  • Patent Pending

Technical features

  • The outer walls are fitted with a built-in fender system to reduce the risk of personal injuries or vehicle damages during testing
  • The construction facilitates all supporting poles being eliminated which further decreases the safety risks
  • The ventilation plant is equipped with both cooling/freezing capacity as well as heating capacity for climate flexibility
  • Controlled indoor environment in terms of temperature, humidity and exhaust levels
  • Indirect even lighting giving superb visibility without blinding